Tips and Tricks for comfortable ski boots

There’s no point in heading to the slopes of premier destinations like Jackson Hole, Mont Tremblent and Whistler if your feet are in agony. It’s vital to get ski boots that are both a good and comfortable fit- here’s our top tips.

The University of good skiing fits.

Believe it or not, the days of making do with a boot that fits ‘OK’ are over. There’s even a university dedicated to the art of fitting the perfect boot! MasterFit University may not be known main-stream, but it’s certainly involved in taking the guesswork out of fitting boots to the many and varied feet who want them. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to use their services, though, there’s still a lot you can do for the best fit possible.

Go looking for it in person.

Convenient as the world of online shopping is, you shouldn’t be doing it for your first pair of skiing boots. True, there’s a lot of great opportunities to score a deal if you already know the brand that’s best for you, but rather take your feet to the boots when fitting your first pair. You may even be able to benefit from a fitting expert at the store.

Remember that getting the right skiing boot for you is about getting the one that matches both your foot and your leg. Of course, we’re all constrained by budget, but don’t fixate on that as a starting point. Don’t get hung up on specific brands, either. Start by finding those that suit your shape best, not an idea in your head. It should be both the right size and shape for you. Once you’ve got a few candidates marked out, it’s time to go into more depth.

Look for upgraded insoles to increase comfort- you can opt for a full custom one or use commercially available ones. Remember that you need freedom in your ankle, too, as most of the skiing action will come from there. Your ankle will affect both your balance and your comfort, so it needs to fit well at this point.

Some ski resorts have expert skiers working there and could help you pick what is right for you. The Tremblant Sunstar would be a great place for you to stay.

Don’t be afraid of modification.

There’s no skiing boot brand in the world that’s perfect for every foot that fits it, so don’t feel like you can’t modify the boot you want. Intuition liners will mould to the shape of your foot, and you may need an expert to help you fit if you opt for an EVA construction liner.

Remember that how tight your fit is will depend on you and your tastes. Some people prefer a snug fit, while others don’t like the compression. The more closely the boot fits your foot, of course, the less likely a tiny unintended movement is to translate to your skid.

comfortable ski boots

However, if you’re compressed, cold and miserable you’re not going to ski well. Boots shouldn’t be too tight and cause pain either. Don’t be talked into buying more then you need. You can take mid range boots if you’re not a pro skier out their daily. Don’t let a rep talk you into buying more then you need.

When your ski boot fits well, your skiing experience will be a fun one- and you’ll be more inclined to enjoy some of the great ski spots North America and Canada offer like Mont Tremblent and Whistler.


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