Dining to treat your taste buds in Whistler

Whistler’s a great destination for skiing and snowboarding, but did you know the town has a thriving food culture too? If you’re keen for a travel vacation to beautiful alpine scenery, but would far rather enjoy great cuisine then getting into snow sports, consider Whistler for a fun, scenic and interesting destination. They’ll feed your taste buds as well as get your pulse racing on the slopes.

History and great cuisines.

The Rimrock Cafe has been a feature of Whistler Village for over 25 years. Chef and Owner Rolf Gunther has been providing decadent dishes for all tastes for more years then he cares to remember, starting a successful career in Europe before settling in Canada. Their fresh and innovative food draws heavily on game and fish dishes, and they put special emphasis on preparation from only the freshest of ingredients. This unique local dining experience can’t be missed!

A must-not-miss in Whistler for exotic taste.

If you’re into cross-cultural food experiences, why not experience Whistler Village’s fantastic Sushi Village? This fantastic local restaurant is almost as famous as the ski-resort itself, and even the locals will tell you it’s a can’t-miss dining opportunity. Providing a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere in casual surroundings- and of course fantastic sushi- you can combine all of your eating and social needs in one with this fantastic addition to a town as keen on food as it is on skiing and snowboarding. Their diverse menu offers a huge range of traditional Japanese cuisine to delight any taste buds. They even offer a gluten free menu.

Quattro and Alta Bistro for fine European dining.

Another long standing Whistler favourite has to be Quattro, conveniently situated in the Pinnacle hotel. Winning over critics, locals and visitors, the restaurant offers top Italian cuisines alongside a wine list to die for. With a décor taking inspiration from Venice, the restaurant features hand painted silk chandeliers, and open kitchen and fireplaces to keep you warm and toasted. For a passionate dining experience, this one can’t be missed, read more!

If you’d rather tickle your taste buds with a French inspired menu inspired by the seasons, be sure to include Alta Bistro in your Whistler dining tour. Sourcing only from the best that British Columbia has to offer, the flavourful, complex menu will leave an impression on your taste buds you won’t soon forget. Add Alta Bistro to your food itinerary- you won’t be sorry.

Less formality, tons of flavour.

Snow sports

If you’re looking for a more casual atmosphere, be sure to head to the enchantingly named 21 steps. Now offering 2 locations- one in the throbbing heart of Whistler village, the other offering the best of views of the surrounding countryside- this casual comfort food restaurant is another must-not-miss. With a commitment to generous portions and modest prices, your pocketbook will thank you too.view info from http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/ski/2015/02/08/Snow-sports-take-on-a-different-and-often-cheaper-flavor-at-night/stories/201502080005

Add this fabulous British Columbian town to your vacation itinerary today.. Whatever your desires, Whistler will serve up a ton of great cuisine alongside its fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities.


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